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Van Kleeck's Tire, Lake Katrine, Hudson
Recently, a long time friend and customer told me that while he was in our waiting room her overheard a phone call. The caller was new to the area and had just started a new job. He told the person on the phone that he was at Van Kleeck's getting 4 desparately needed tires. He said "I don't know if these guys are the cheapest, but this is where everyone at work said to go". I had mixed emotions.

Everyone would like to be the price leader, that's only natural. But my team and I remain committed to the concept that a good value will always beat a good price. We strive to give you a good price, we will guarantee you a good value. There are things we could do to make our products and services appear cheaper, but it's not who we are and it's certainly not how we want to sell tires.

At Van Kleeck's one of our friendly tire professionals will always take the time to inspect your tires. If, and only if, you need tires they will talk to you about how your drive and then discuss all of your options. The tire price they give you includes things many others charge extra for, and even some things others don't offer.

  • Mounting
  • Spin Balance
  • Road Hazzard Warranty
  • Free Rotation Every 6 Months or 6000 Miles
  • Free Flat Repair

We also don't sell cheap or bargain tires. For most people their car is their second biggest investment. You wouldn't put a good burger on a cheap bun or hook up cheap speakers to a great stereo, why would you put inferior tires on your vehicle. Your family's safety is riding on our product, and our families and loved ones are out there too.

Don't get a good price instead of a good tire. You'll get both at Van Kleeck's Tire, since 1960.

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